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Katharinas Bridal Boutique

12 Cedar Street
Summerside, PE C1N 3P4

(902) 724-3222

Rating: out of 5 stars (3 reviews)
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Katharinas Bridal Boutique Katharinas Bridal Boutique Katharinas Bridal Boutique

Hours: Monday 10-17,Tuesday 10-17,Wednesday 10-17,Thursday 10-20, Friday 10-20, Saturday 10-17
Status: Closed


We are located in the heart of Summerside directly accross from the Shipyard Market and the beautiful Summerside Baywalk
by hotfrog on June 12, 2012 from hotfrog


Seriously? Are you kidding me???: Ok...so if Doreen and Josie are your family, and helped you find your dress because they work there...how on earth did you NOT know the store was in business for an entire year? Simple answer...the whole thing was fabricated and posted by the store owner to make her store look like a great place to shop, wow!
Rated 1 stars by JeNnIfErRrRrR on March 07, 2012
Horrible Time: *** JUST NOTICED THE POSITIVE REVIEW POSTED BELOW IS POSTED BY KATHARINA HERSELF... ***<br/><br/>Back in April of this year my daughter began the dress hunt for her<br/> wedding. After checking out several dresses she fell in love with an<br/> Alfred Angelo dress that she found at a local bridal boutique called<br/> "Katharina's Bridal Boutique " (<a href="http://www.facebook.com/katharinasbridal)" rel="nofollow">www.facebook.com/katharinasbridal)</a><br/> <a href="http://www.katharinasbridalboutique.com/" rel="nofollow">www.katharinasbridalboutique.com/</a><br/> The dress that was on the rack was a couple of sizes too large and we<br/> were told that we would have to order in another because altering the<br/> one on the rack just wouldn't be possible. This doubled the cost of<br/> the dress (off the rack was roughly $500, the ordered in version was<br/> around $1000) but my daughter loved the dress so we asked for it to be<br/> ordered in. We were told the arrival date would be around July 17th.<br/><br/>July 17th came and went and we heard nothing from Katharina's,<br/> figuring things might be busy we held off from reaching out until July<br/> 22nd. We began to send emails and left a few voicemails however none<br/> of the messages were returned. Getting worried we went into the shop<br/> on the 28th and got a less than warm welcome. Katharina (owner of<br/> the shop) seemed annoyed that we were pressing her for info on this<br/> dress and with a rolling of the eyes explained that she is at the<br/> mercy of the supplier and that she has since put a rush order on and<br/> that the dress will arrive on Aug 5th. Why this couldn't have been<br/> communicated in a reply to the voicemails and emails we sent was never<br/> explained.<br/><br/>August 9th we head in for a fitting as the dress has arrived.<br/> Looking forward to seeing her dream dress the bride was quickly in the<br/> corner in tears as not only did the dress arrive in the wrong size, it<br/> was the complete wrong dress model. The wedding is now three weeks<br/> away and there is no dress. Katharina's response was less than<br/> empathetic instead choosing to blame the mistake on Alfred Angelo and<br/> saying there was little she could do about it. In fact she was<br/> shocked that it was the wrong model. I called my husband to come in<br/> and talk as I was furious and my daughter was in tears. After an<br/> angry talk from my husband Katharina has agreed to the following:<br/><br/>1. Full refund<br/> 2. The model she has on the rack would be given free of charge.<br/><br/>As I mentioned earlier this dress was a couple of sizes too big and<br/> would require significant work to make it fit and look like it's<br/> supposed to. At this point we had obviously lost faith in the shop<br/> and it's owner due to the lack of communication prior and the mess-ups.<br/> We agree to her deal of the refund and her attempting to correct the<br/> dress but since the wedding date is fast approaching we begin the<br/> search for a replacement dress.<br/><br/>We called several boutiques in the maritimes and ontario trying to<br/> find anyone who had that model of dress in her size. The shop owners<br/> we were speaking to on the phone were incredibly helpful and we heard<br/> back from several of them in minutes and anyone we left voice mails<br/> for or emailed called back within hours - showing how customer service<br/> in the wedding industry should be. Eventually we got in contact with<br/> the supplier that Katharina uses for her dresses and after speaking<br/> with them they revealed that the error was definitely on Katharina's<br/> end - the model that was faxed to them is what was shipped. They<br/> also knew of the mess-up as earlier that day (prior to our arriving at<br/> the shop) Katharina's had been in contact with them. This was<br/> frustrating as Katharina acted very "shocked" that the wrong dress had<br/> arrived as she obviously had known about it before we had even<br/> arrived.<br/><br/>The supplier contacted every shop in N. America looking for this dress<br/> however finding that model in that size seemed to be a losing battle.<br/> We gave up hope on the dream dress and started looking for a plan B.<br/> We found one at Casleys (<a href="http://www.caseleys.com/)" rel="nofollow">www.caseleys.com/)</a>. While looking for<br/> a replacement dress we spoke with other bridal shops and<br/> mentioned what had happened. one explained how complicated the<br/> process to modify the dress would be and said she had a seamstress with lots of<br/> experience and offered to do it for us for a very reasonable price.<br/> We contacted Katharina's and asked if she would release the dress to<br/> us unmodified and we would take it to our own seamstress. We were<br/> told no - Katharina said she had seen this seamstresses work and<br/> wouldn't release her dress to her. Katharina's seamstress was much<br/> better and she would release to no one else. We agreed however at<br/> this point wanted no more todo with Katharina and asked that we only<br/> have to deal with<br/> the seamstress and we would deal directly with her - we<br/> didn't want to speak with Katharina or enter her shop again. this<br/> was agreed on.<br/><br/>So now we have a dress we've purchased and another one off at<br/> Katharina's seamstress that we honestly don't have much hope in.<br/> However a week later we get a call from Elizabeth Miner (Katharina's<br/> seamstress) and it looks fantastic. She some how had pulled it off,<br/> the only thing left was some beading and we could pick it up in a<br/> couple of days.<br/><br/>In this couple of day lapse we start hearing from other people who<br/> have had bad experiences with Katharina on facebook, one of the<br/> threads sent to me had a very detailed story and several replies to<br/> it. I replied to the thread stating that we also had some issues at<br/> this same boutique but didn't really get into any details.<br/><br/>Once the beading is completed we get a phone call from Elizabeth<br/> saying the dress is done but she can't release it to us, instead we<br/> now have to go back to Katharina's - Elizabeth isn't sure why but said<br/> she had heard something about facebook.<br/><br/>So we are three days away from the wedding and we go into Katharina's<br/> for one last visit. I bring my son with me to do most of the talking<br/> as my frustration level is at an all time high and I'm not sure if I<br/> can be all that civil with the lady.<br/><br/>We ask for the dress and told that we will need to pay for<br/> alterations. The reasoning was that Elizabeth wasn't her employee<br/> and that if we were willing to have a our seamstress do it that we<br/> could pay for Elizabeth to do it. After explaining that this was<br/> never communicated and a bit of arguing we got passed this point.<br/><br/>Then we got to the heart of the real issue. Katharina had been<br/> informed about the facebook posts and had taken them very personally.<br/> This lady, it seemed, had no ability to see the difference between a<br/> personal attack on her and a criticism of her business. She was very<br/> angry and started spouting off on how it was all slander and that she<br/> had contacted her lawyer and the RCMP. My son explained she really<br/> needed to lookup what slander was and that he welcomed a letter from<br/> her lawyer. She seemed most upset that in my particular comment I<br/> hadn't told the ENTIRE story - by ENTIRE story what she meant was the<br/> part about the refund and free dress.<br/><br/>Still refusing to release the dress without payment on the Alterations<br/> she finally relented after my son pointed out to her that the wedding<br/> industry was 90% word of mouth and that if she thought facebook<br/> reached a-lot of islanders to think of what would happen when the story<br/> reached the journal or the guardian.<br/><br/>We walked out with the dress and a very sour taste over all dealings<br/> with this boutique and it's owner. We also left with a guilty<br/> feeling that the seamstress isn't going to get paid for the excellent<br/> work she had done. Katharina if you are reading this please reply<br/> and let us know that she did get paid for her work.<br/><br/>Morals of this story:<br/><br/>1. If a mistake is made, regardless of whose fault it actually is -<br/> own the mistake. Show empathy and instill confidence that you will<br/> make it all correct. Weddings can be stressful enough we don't need<br/> your issues piled on top.<br/><br/>2. Stay in contact with your customers, a lot of these issues were<br/> magnified by the fact that we were in the dark during most of the<br/> time.<br/><br/>3. When you make a deal to fix the issue - honor it without conditions.<br/><br/>4. If you are criticized either give your side or take it on the<br/> chin. You are in the service industry and people are going to talk.<br/> If you take everything as a personal attack you are going to burn out<br/> very quickly.<br/><br/>5. Be careful what you wish for - you wanted the whole story and here<br/> it all is.<br/> an experience<br/><br/>So if after reading this if you are wondering what my recommendations are:<br/><br/>1. Do not go to Katharina's shop. I would recommend ordering from<br/> sears before her - sears rarely gets my orders wrong and are very<br/> polite when I talk to them.<br/><br/>2. I highly recommend Elizabeth Miner as a seamstress - she did an<br/> amazing job on a very difficult project in a compressed timeline.
Rated 1 stars by Speaking my Mind on August 29, 2011
Review of Katharina's Bridal Boutique: I have just returned from the most amazing wedding dress shopping experience I've ever had. <br/><br/>First, let me just say that I was a little anxious to go dress shopping again after my last trip to an establishment on the Island. The lady helping me at the dress shop would only pull dresses that she thought would fit or be big and seemed in an awful rush to shoo me out the door. Unfortunately, the few dresses that fit me well enough that I could try them on seemed to be the wrong kind of old fashioned and a little on the homely side... nothing like I had envisioned myself trying on. I left feeling like finding a dress would be like wrapping a whale in taffeta and tulle and sending it down the aisle. <br/><br/>So yes, I was more than a little nervous walking in to Katharina's Bridal Boutique, but I decided to keep an open mind. I was greeted at the door by Kim, one of their wedding consultants. Her warm and welcoming personality made me feel instantly like I was shopping with an old friend. We walked up to the racks of dresses and I mentioned a few of the characteristics I thought I'd like in a dress. Right away she pulled one off the rack, and I instantly said "that won't fit". Kim then told me something I hadn't heard before; forget about the size of the dress, that's just a number. She told me to try it on and, even though it might not fit, I could see if I liked the look of it. And try on dresses I did! <br/><br/>With help from my soon to be mother-in-law and sister-in-law Doreen and Josie, we picked out a number of dresses I wouldn't have even considered trying on because of the size at the other shop. While I was trying them on, Kim made me feel so confident, telling me which were her favorite dresses, telling me stories and making me feel special. She told me what worked and what didn't; a kind of honesty that seems to be rare. <br/><br/>Because of Kim, Doreen and Josie, I found a dress I fell in love with. I wouldn't have tried it on anywhere else, but it looked stunning. I even got to meet Katharina, who came out and told me the best part: They only sell 3 dresses of one particular style a year. This was the best news I'd heard all day; after all, what bride wants to see her dream dress on 10 other brides on Facebook by the end of the season? I left the boutique with loads of information and even a booklet with a picture of the dress I love in it - even though they only get a few booklets and are supposed to stay in store (thanks, Katharina!). <br/><br/>To wrap it up, the ladies at Katharina's Bridal Boutique made me feel so positive about the whole experience. They were amazingly friendly and outgoing, knowledgeable and made the whole thing so memorable. I can't believe they've been open for a year, and I've just heard about them this week. Thanks, guys! <br/><br/>Info on Katharina's Bridal Boutique: <br/> Facebook group: Katharina's Bridal Boutique <br/> Website: www.katharinasbridalboutique.com <br/> Address: 12 Cedar Street, Summerside PEI <br/> To book an appointment: (902) 724 - 3222
Rated 5 stars by Katharina Mueller on March 11, 2010

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