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Riverside Honda & Ski-Doo

Inglewood Dr
Saint Albert, AB T8N 5E2

(780) 460-2434

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 reviews)
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Terrible, Worst Ski-Doo parts service: Review - ATV parts & service - 2009.01.15<br/> Riverside Honda & Ski-Doo<br/> St.Albert, Alberta<br/> <a href="http://www.riversidehonda.com/" rel="nofollow">www.riversidehonda.com/</a><br/> 1-800-819-7433<br/><br/>The Story:<br/><br/>I had a couple sleds I was fixing up for sale, of three, two required a bit of work. Now one was a 1991 Yamaha Sno-Sport 125cc and I had that up and going within 2-3 weeks, however that was mostly on my spare time but you won't see me complaining on Yamaha's service, because I was able to go online and acquire diagrams, charts, & part numbers for pretty much everything, and the Sno Sport is a very rare model.<br/><br/>Now after I sold that, I moved on to this 1994 Ski-Doo Safari Deluxe 377cc and quite frankly I wish I just sold the F'in thing as is because quite frankly it's been a time & money waster, primarily because Ski-Doo has the WORST service I've seen in a long time. Sure they'll have great service for all they're NEW models, but who the hell buys parts for a new sled. You're going to be buying stuff for models 10 years old and that's where the money is, and this is coming from a former employee of a Tractor parts & service company.<br/><br/>Service Rep Manners: 6/10<br/><br/>Polite and accommodating but I had to restrain myself when the idiot laid blame upon myself by saying "well we did the best we could with what you gave us", for f@!k's sake, I gave you the year, model, and pictures (which they refused multiple times because apparently he knew what he was doing). A clear sign of a p@!s poor company is when you have to drag whatever broken down in and slam it in they're face because they're so a@s backwards to get you the right part for anything.<br/><br/>Now that's the men, the women on the other hand are like any other mean spirited b@!%h I see nowadays, unfriendly, cold fronted, and basically makes you feel like your on a date with a b@!%h on the rag. They give you that cold aloof look like you raped they're sister or something. I'm guessing these girls were the former "bikini babes' on the posters or flag girls and are now bitter they're long past they're prime or think every guy that's not a millionaire doesn't have permission to talk to them, however I don't want to deal with your over inflated ego's, I just want my stuff & get out of here!<br/><br/>Basically if your not in there to blow a years wages on a brand new sled (the most expensive one was $22K) or whatever, ultimately your given the "pauper" treament. I'm basically made to feel like a loser because I'm not buying a brand new machine and shaking hands with some smiling douche bag who nags me every 4 minutes if he can help me.... buy a sled. <br/><br/>Service: 2/10<br/><br/>Utterly appalling, Ski-doo doesn't have diagrams or part numbers online for anything prior to 1995 or something like that (so I was told) to properly educate they're customers let alone they're service reps. To make matters worse, the aftermarket companies like Kimpex are totally a@s f@!%!*g backwards in regards to part numbers, but this isn't they're fault, a dealership that's in the know should be in the know, and quite frankly these morons were up s@!t creek without a paddle, they had no friggin' clue and ordered wrong parts continually or ordered from suppliers who said they had it but didn't an thus making me wait a month for something that was never going to come. Winter goes by fast, and the longer I wait, the less in demand a snowmobile is, so I'm fixing something up that's costing me time & money and in the end by the time it's ready to go, the snow will melt<br/><br/>Company Policy:<br/><br/>What really burned my biscuit they're utter stupidity in regard to shipping, I set it up so that they would send me the parts via a delivery company of my choice. Now with all the returns and sending parts in small packages instead of one big package like they should, I racked up a hefty price tag. I was all not too pleased to find out I was going to get re-reimbursed for the cost of shipping back wrong parts.<br/><br/>Ski-Doo Company:<br/><br/>Ski-Doo in generally is a terrible company, in our small town the local Ski-Doo dealership will sell you a sled but cannot provide parts or service, a concept that's quite frankly unheard of but I guess people nowadays have gotten so dumb or so rich that they never bother fixing a sled, they just buy a new one.<br/><br/>Final Word:<br/><br/>When I tally up all the receipts, it's becoming pretty damn clear that these idiots cost me so much money, that instead of buying parts to fix a track, it would have been more cost effective just to buy a brand new track. Also with the money I lost I could have spend that wasted money on a track clip tool, or with the time I lost to make one but since I'm losing time I have to buy one and get this B.S. over with. <br/><br/>Riverside has been in business for a long time, so there is just no excuse for this stupidity, it's clear they're only in the SALES side of the business, if you want parts or repairs, go somewhere else.<br/><br/>Final word is why do I have to pay for someone else screw up.
Rated 1 stars by Aaron Swanson on February 15, 2009

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