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Sacred Earth Metaphysical

49 High St W
Moose Jaw, SK S6H 1S4

(306) 972-2228

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Awful experience - 475 Cliffe Ave - Courtenay, B.C.: Never in my life have I been so appalled (and upset) from an experience I've had in a store before. And it's because of that good fortune that I also have the luck of saying I've never been so motivated to write any kind of review about a business publicly (although I'm unsure if this will ever even be read). But this experience almost left me in tears. if it wasn't for my wonderful best friend who was thankfully there with me to witness this, I most certainly would've been quite the crying mess afterward. (Keep in mind this is an extremely long, ramble-filled review)<br/> Now, this might sound extremely over-dramatic... but to someone who has a severe anxiety disorder, an experience like this is a little unavoidably catastrophic. <br/> When I walked into this store, right off the bat the vibe was weird. And by weird, I mean I was noticeably ignored and glared at by the lady (who after some research I see is the owner). Who stared at us, but took a solid 10 minutes to say a rather forced "hello". <br/> But I continued to look around a bit, thinking I'd quickly check it out just to say I'd been in the place. I told myself I was probably reading her wrong and continued to browse, it was also my friends first time in the store. She started talking to my friend, which was when she finally said anything to us, but continued to ignore me. I took a picture of a display of small buddah statues I thought were cool (I take pictures in every store I go in, unless there are clear signs stating it isn't preferred and/or allowed, or unless I'm in a museum or store related to artwork of any kind).<br/> While she was talking to my friend I saw her taking glimpses at me from my peripheral vision, but she never said anything about the picture I took so I assumed it was fine. I then continued to walk around with my friend. The register is in the middle of the store, which is extremely small. You can be seen no matter where you are, which is fine, except for the fact that she was staring at us the entire time. And I mean STARING at us. as if we were going to steal something. It was one of the most uncomfortable atmospheres I've ever experienced in my life... But me and my friend tried to ignore it. On each display there were groups of different kinds of crystals (Opals, Amethysts, etc) which all had a stack of printed pieces of paper you could take summarizing some facts (where the crystals originate and what makes them unique, etc) There were two I thought were interesting descriptions so I took them, keeping them in my hand. The lady (who was still watching us like a hawk) then looks at my friend and randomly says "Did you want anything?" or something along those lines. Thinking she was making small-talk, my friend laughs and says "everything!" to which I say agree and also let out a chuckle, but she doesn't laugh or smile, she looks at me and glares and then looks back at my friend and says "oh, I was just asking because I saw the printed papers". I was confused but quickly realized the purpose of the papers were for if you were buying a crystal. But seriously? They weren't on special paper or anything, just regular printer paper, and tiny pieces at that. If you didn't want people taking them randomly, then don't put them out like business cards and brochures... And also, the fact that she went through my friend to passive-aggressively communicate that is plain disrespectful. <br/> But that isn't what made my experience so sour. Apart from me and my friend, there were only two other people in the store, a young couple who were also around our age. They decided to buy something. While they were checking out, I decided to take a picture of this gigantic Amethyst (which is one of my favourite crystals) just to look back at because I thought it was so pretty. By this point, I'd taken about five pictures, to which she didn't say anything. I should also mention that I don't post any photos I take in stores online or anything, I just keep them to look at later or show friends. But anyways, I'm just about to snap the photo of it when I hear a loud "EXCUSE ME!?". Startled, I look behind me and see that my best friend and the couple (who were in the middle of being checked out) are all looking at me. The lady (who has the couples purchase in her hands about to ring it through) is glaring at me angrily and practically yells "You know, I don't mind if you take a picture, but I'd appreciate it if you could at least ask!!" I look at her, completely shocked, and say "Oh, sorry..." But she doesn't even respond, she just scoffs and then continues the transaction. I then rush to my friend and say "Lets go" because I was starting to have a panic attack. My friend is kind of a statue at this point, just standing there while the lady has the nerve to keep telling me off (while the couple were still waiting for her to finish ringing their stuff through!). But I don't let her continue, I just keep talking over top of her at this point to my friend repeating "lets leave, come on let's get out of here, let's go" because I couldn't breathe and thought I was going to faint from anxiety. We finally walked out. <br/> Yeah... That was my experience at this horrendously over-priced trinket store. I should also note this is in the new Courtney location on 5th Street. Apparently this store originates from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Which is the only address I can find anywhere to leave a review.<br/> So just a buyers beware: if you're a young person with anxiety, don't enter this store. I certainly won't be going back. You will be glared at, ignored, and potentially publicly berated and humiliated for taking a picture when there were absolutely no signs anywhere stating it wasn't in anyway allowed. I would have been absolutely FINE with deleting the pictures I took and refraining from doing so again, if I were asked nicely and not yelled at in front of other customers in the middle of a transaction. I mean wow. that is amazing given you're just starting out as a business in a new location. To anyone living in Courtenay/Comox in B.C. looking for crystals who want to go to a store with an actual decent amount of customer service, check out "Winds of Change" which is also located on 5th. It's a little pricey as well, but way better and definitely worth it. Especially if you want to be treated like a human being and not a potential criminal who should be evicted for taking pictures in a public store.
Rated 1 stars by Hannie Lynn on April 19, 2015
Nice Staff: Interesting store, friendly(most of the time) staff and great incense.
Rated 4 stars by Jazminie25 on January 27, 2012
good choice: the customer service and quality you'd expect - interesting store
Rated 3 stars by TheProfessor on January 26, 2012

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