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40 year old mother of two.: Paul from Salon Gio here - we're sorry to hear that you had a less than ideal experience. We've been in business for over 40 years and our clients' satisfaction is our top priority. All of our stylists are trained professionals who are passionate about their work. Unfortunately a dramatic change in a haircut may often require more than one salon visit to complete - we apologize if this wasn't made clear.
Rated 5 stars by SALON GIO on September 25, 2013
Bad experience, wrong attitude for the owner of Gio salon,: Over 40 years old mother of two, went to Gio salon to get a kids hair cut for 5.5 years old boy. Boy had straight, long hair ( a little below the shoulders), with banks in front and layers in the back and on the sides. Wanted the same but very short. At the time we got there there were mainly the people working there. I asked if they can do a kid hair cut, if they did it before. A young woman said yes to both questions and offeredt to do it, even though she did not seem to really understand want I wanted for the hair cut. I asked her to not wash my son hair because he s not used to have that done in a salon, and it would make the process too long and unpleasant for him. She started combing his hair, which was a little tangled, and she kept doing that ignoring the pain sign my son was showing, telling me that his hair is tangled. I asked her to cut it do the tangles will go away and he does not have to suffer. She kept combing the hair like he was an adult, untill my son, who is speech delayed and has some special needs, started crying. He only had previously had his hair cut in a public place, salon, a few times before that, and I had to buy him some candies to make him cooperate. For the sake of the candies and his needs, he did not say much and took the pain untill it was too much. I stopped her, and tried to comfort my son. Told her I want to do it, but she said she can hold it while combing it do it does not hurt. I don't know why she did not do that from the beginning, as I also told her. U want to avoid pain and bad experiences for ur child, that's why I asked beforehand if they did and know how to handle kids. It seems that she was too young and had no idea what I was talking about. The hair cut took long, due the fact that she did not understand what I want or she thought its wrong what I want. My son's hair looked a little crooked, and not simetrical. There were two places where I asked her to cut a little more, to make it look a little better. She was trying to explain me that she can't do that or if she does it it's going to look bad. We were pretty much at the end, but since the hair cut apparently took too long, the owner of the salon came to us, told the young woman to go and work on another client and he will finish my son's hair cut. He told me that there r other clients. Then he told me to sit down, with a ton of voice that wanted to show that he is the boss, showing me where to sit down. Then he told me to not touch my sons hair with the same disrespectfully high raised tone. That's because at the time he stepped in I was with my hands in my son's hair, standing next to him, trying to explain the first hair dresser what I want. When I told him that he can't tell me what to do, and that I can touch my sons hair if I want to as well as the fact that I was trying to show and explain what I want, he told me that I can tell them what I want once then let them do it. At that point I asked him if I ever got the chance to tell him that. I didn't, but he did not care. He said that what I want is one thing and what they ll do is another one. He said that my son looks ridiculous, and his deal looks like a ball, his banks also ridiculous, while fast cutting my son's hair here and there, whiteout caring or asking what I want. He did whatever he wanted just to get over with. However, my sons hair was looking a little crooked and I asked him to cut a little more at the back to match the sides. He wanted to get over, so again he said that it's looking ridiculos and that I should go to some other place across the street because they do kids hair cut and they will do whatever I want, while his place is a grown ups place. He cut a little on one side, then he ignored the rest of it, and said that it's over, and did the cleaning of my son. During this time he was also asking me of I work, or I m a mom. He also told me that I should be a hair dresser to understand .... ? Then, when I wanted to pay I gave him a $25 gift card my son won in his school, and he said no, without looking much at that card. He said he does not know what that is. I explained him, even though there was all in big letters on the card, and he should have known what that is. I still explained him what that is, being ready to just pay with a credit card. Then he said that he did not recognize it, and it's ok. His whole attitude reminded me of societies in which men treat women with disrespect, as well as people that think about themselves as having the right to order and disrespect others, just because they have some kind of business, or anything else that they may consider an invaluable asset, that apparently gives them the right to do whatever they want while others have pretty much no right. I need to probably wait for a couple of months then take my son for another haircut, or get him a very short close to bald hair cut, so it does not look so weird. The first person that cut my sons hair tried to do it well. But the boss pretty much screw it up ..... In all senses and directions ..... I really wanted something else for a Friday afternoon .....
Rated 1 stars by Cor on July 20, 2012

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