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216 Chrislea Rd
Woodbridge, ON L4L 8S5

(905) 856-1747

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scam alert: Everything in arthur's email is true, the phone calls, the presentation site, trophies, shady presenters, posters, websites, food, cubicles, etc. <br/><br/>Please also read: <br/> <a href="http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/resort-villa-c107572.html#c573790" rel="nofollow">www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/re...</a> <br/><br/>To make a long story short: my sister hubby bought into their 5-year trial membership @ 1, 500.00 in 2008, and got their member's folder, which actually is titled :Resort Villa Vacations, located at 690 Rowntree Dairy rd, suite 201 Woodbridge, ON L4L 5T7. The 216 Chrislea address seems to only be their presentation location. <br/><br/>The vacation "prizes" they then received where all so very restricted that they never made it to Cancun, Las Vegas nor Orlando, cause you could only book tue-thursdays, not incl. holidays, and the administration fees were like around $600.00, only to make the "not guaranteed" reservations. Furthermore, the prizes were only 6 months valid!! <br/><br/>When my sister signed up for the travel membership, she was told verbally by those gangsters that she would receive a membership confirmation from them by mail within a week, so that they could still cancel the membership within the 10 days cancellation period. <br/> Needless to say, that the "confirmation letter arrived 14 days later and no one had the decensy to answer any calls/emails/fax during the mentioned time. <br/><br/>Finally a couple of days later, after numerous frantic calls. someone picked up the phone at the "reservation" extension and gave her the cell phone to a lady named Roula. <br/> That Roula-witch then told her that they've surpassed the 10 days cancellation period and were thus bound to their membership agreement. My sister yelled at that woman and said that she would go and stand in front of their presentation site and warn everyone from this scam, but Roula told her that she would sue my sister for blackmailing and trespassing private property. My sister swallowed the humilliation and violation of her dignity, and is now just paying the dues and waiting for the 5 years bond with those money-monkeys to be over and never to be associated with TVS, eresortvillas.com, Resort Villa Vacations Club Inc., Bona Vista, nor Triad International ever again. <br/><br/>My sister also mentioned that an other couple had bought into the points programm early into their "cubicle session', which was then 'celebrated', however, she now came to the conclusion, that that couple was probably one of the scammers themselves, a tactic to make the whole deal look more 'attractive' and less harmful. <br/><br/>My sister hubby fell for those gangsters after feeling absolutely mentally exhausted after the 4 hours presentation ordeal, and thinking that the 1, 500.00 won't tumble them into financial distress anyway, which it didn't, but the violation to their dignity was the hardest to swallow. <br/> They as well as myself have since been to a couple of other shady time share/vacation club presentations, just to slam a big fat NO to those shameless scammers after initially enthusiastically giving the scammers some hope of a jackpot sale and wasting all their skills & efforts in the process. <br/><br/>Btw, according to our researches, eresortvillas.com just expanded their "business" with zipartist.com, so beware! <br/><br/><a href="http://www.who.is/whois/zipartist.com/" rel="nofollow">www.who.is/whois/zipartist.com/</a> <br/><br/>Also check out: <br/><br/>anthony@eresortvillas.com in <br/><br/><a href="http://www.dialing4deadbeats.net/deadbeatlist.htm" rel="nofollow">www.dialing4deadbeats.net/deadbeatlis...</a> <br/><br/>AND LAST BUT NOT least, please also check the Better Business Bureau website, cause the company "Resort Villas Management Inc." aka <a href="http://www.eresortvillas.com" rel="nofollow">www.eresortvillas.com</a>, located at 201 - 690 Rowntree Dairy Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 5T7; currently does not have ANY rating at all, see it for yourselves at (the reason that there's probably no filed complain, is because buyers of this scam feel humiliated to the core, or just can't do anything due to the signed binding agreement): <br/><br/><a href="http://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews" rel="nofollow">www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews</a> ... bridge-on-12103# <br/><br/>CZA
Rated 1 stars by CZA on January 22, 2010
Beware of The Vacation Store, Resort Villas, Bona Vista Travel & Triad International: Scam Alert: Resort Villas (eresortvillas), The Vacation Store, Bona Vista Travel & Triad International <br/><br/>Hopefully this will help some other innocent people out there. <br/><br/>My family members were recently scammed by an unethical, although not illegal, group of companies, including THE RESORT VILLA, THE VACATION STORE, BONA VISTA TRAVEL and TRIAD INTERNATIONAL. <br/><br/>If you are dealing with these companies, pleae beware. A telemarketer contacts an innocent person by phone telling them they've won a trip and to bring their wife and credit card to an event in Woodbridge, Ontario. When they arrive, there is vacation music playing and smooth talking sales people doing a presentation. There's cheap food available for attendees as an incentive. Essentially, they pressure you into signing on-the-spot deals for a time-share-like scheme, but using what they call "points." These points are supposed to go toward discounted 5-star hotel stays world-wide, but with all the user fees, maintenance fees, incidentals and restrictions, you end up paying much more than you would have, had you booked a luxury package deal online or through a travel agent. <br/><br/>The presenters convince the audience of their authenticity by throwing in familiar names like "Bona Vista Travel" - note: this is NOT the reputable Bonavista Travel, rather a similarly named travel agency based in Woodbridge, Ontario. They also say it is certified by the Ontario government (as are most travel agencies). <br/><br/>While Resort Villas, The Vacation Store, Bona Vista Travel and Triad International (their associated financing company) are supposedly unrelated, they actually all reside and work out of the Woodbridge area. They have been in operation for over a decade because their contract is airtight and everything they do is legal. While participants think they will stay at hotels like the Ritz Carlton or other big name hotels, these are only advertised verbally in the presentation, but aren't in the actual contract you end up signing. <br/><br/>Also, while the contract does refer vaguely to "Article 25" on a pdf document on their website, it doesn't explicitly inform those who do end up signing that they have a 10-day period to cancel the contract according to Ontario law. IF YOU READ THIS BEFORE YOUR 10 DAYS ARE OVER (counting each day after the contract is signed), CANCEL IMMEDIATELY. We have spoken to a lawyer, and there is no other way out. They will go to court and win, and they will continue to do business, because they can. File a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency in Ontario and let all your family and friends know, especially the elderly, so they too, are not innocently scammed. <br/><br/>While the salespeople offer 49,000 points, for instance, for about $17,000 dollars, I have read other stories from people scammed saying that when they first refused, the salespeople lowered the price for the same 49,000 points to a mere $4900--still not worthwhile, but so much less than the original offer. <br/><br/>If you do attend something like this, ask for identification, business cards, catalogues or host hotels in the agreement. Also ask about the cancellation policy. And please, don't sign. If you decide to sign it or any other contract, please be sure to read the fine print. With words like "coersion" and "no cancellation" in their contract, please heed the red flags and get out of there. <br/><br/>This scam has been happening for years now, and also entices people from the United States and parts of Ontario. Please spread the word and protect yourself and those you love.
Rated 1 stars by arthur on May 10, 2009
What does the word "no thank you" mean to these people?: My Husband and I had to go to see these people at 7pm and we didnt get out until 11pm. We were there because we were told that we were selected for a "free" gift, due to me filling out some "coupon" back in November all we had to do was come and listen to some sales guy named Chris chat his head off to us, and then some guy named Ed chat his head off to us, and then get our "free" gift and call it a night. Well, what they failed to tell us was they were going to give us food and drink, and that we would be sitting there chatting to 7 different sales people trying to get our money, who were not taking "no thank you" as an answer. Very pushy people, they didnt even care that we mentioned to them several times, that we were just home from a weeks vacation, we were saving for our wedding, and other things that we want and need before another vacation. They were looking at us as being young, and looking at us as money to their pockets instead of looking at us as humans. Over and over they just wanted to ring that stupid bell and welcome us as one of there new clients. Needless, to say my Husband and I left with there so called "free" gift which was "8 Sun filled days and 7 Magical nights in Florida. Which these people "only paid" for our "hotel" we had to pay for airfair, food, drink, etc. So how on earth can they say that they give a "free" gift away. My Husband and I left there extremley angry and upset, that they wasted an evening of ours. These people will not be recommended ever, they will be black listed. As a matter of fact they really want our money as they called our residence 7 times since we saw them. No messages left just hang ups, I am waiting for them to call so they can hear my frustration over the phone as well as read this letter. My Husband and I both agreed that we will no longer be sucked into any of these soliciting phone calls. Becareful fellow readers!!!
Rated 1 stars by Cas Friend on January 17, 2009

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